Stokbord LDPE cable protection tiles are the market leading heavy-duty utility protection system for underground cables and pipes

Extensively used throughout the world, polyethylene cable protection tiles have now largely replaced concrete tiles and benefit from high visibility plus ease and speed of installation.

Stokbord cable cover tiles offer high levels of durability and impact protection, but are very easy to handle and install.  Their light weight allows the tiles to be installed quickly without any damage or breakage.   The cable cover tiles are fully jointed and normally laid overlap whilst held firm with plastic pegs to ensure continuous protection to the cable beneath.


Stokbord cable cover tiles are widely used to protect high voltage (11kV - 400kV) electricity cables from third party damage


Stokbord cable tiles are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses to suit the utility company's preferred specification.  The cable protection tiles are generally made to order for each customer and include an appropriate warning message. Utility company logos can also be added dependent on requirements.

Contact Centriforce direct for details of appropriate specification and pricing for your project.

Benefits of Stokbord Cable Cover Tiles

  • Clear visual warning
  • Can be made to suit specific dimensions of size and thickness
  • Reduced risk of repairs and supply disruption
  • Lightweight and fast to install without breakage
  • Highly durable with excellent impact properties
  • Resistant to soil conditions
Cable protection tiles being installed above cables