Tapetile heavy duty cable protection tapes are widely specified in the region to protect low voltage electricity cables, fiber optic telephone cables and data cables from third party damage.

Tapetile is manufactured from recycled polyethylene (LDPE) and is flexible enough to be delivered on rolls – but yet provides high levels of durability and a clear visual warning when uncovered.


Tapetile warning boards are regularly used for fiber optic, gas, water and low voltage cable protection 


Tapetile warning boards (sometimes referred to as PVC cable protection tiles) are available in a range of standard sizes and thicknesses and can be custom manufactured to meet the utility company’s requirements. The cable protection tapes will normally be printed with a  custom warning message and may also include logos and contact numbers. 

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Benefits of cable protection tape

  • Clear visual warning & identification
  • Reduced possibility of supply disruption
  • Fast & quick to install
  • Highly durable with excellent impact strength
  • Resistant to soil conditions
  • Extremely cost effective in use
Tapetile warning boards protect a gas pipeline